Wedding: John James Hollister and Lottie Steffens Marry December 11, 1900

Jim’s sweetheart, Lottie Steffens got her Ph.D. From the University of Gottingen in German—her docteral dissertation was couched in erudite German—and returned to California. Jim hired himself to Sacramento he hired out as Assistant County Surveyor.

Wedding plans were cooking throughout the year of „oughty-ought“, the last of the old century, and Jim and Lottie tied the knot on december 11, 1900, in the Steffens residence in Sacramento which is now famous as the governor’s residence.

Jim knew the chief engineer of the Southern Pacific, Marsh, well enought to ask him if he could provide the newly weds with transportation on the new coast line, then a building in the Pt. Conception area, the siding nearest to the Santa Anita,  as far as Drake, the siding nearest to the Santa Anita.

–W.A.Tompkins (WAT) ; JJsr Manuscript p118–