MEXICO. O.B. Fuller’s stock to Santo Domingo ranch, March 9, 1912

El Paso Herald (El Paso, Tex.), Saturday, March 9, 1912.


The new daily train service El Paso to Chihuahua over the North Western commences Sunday night. The train will carry Pullmans and meals will be served from buffets on all sleepers and parlor cars.

A train load of Durham bulls and mares and stallions consigned to O.B. Fuller’s ranch at Villa Ahumada was brought over from the american side of the river Friday night and sent south Saturday morning on the National in charge of a  North Western crew.

MEXICO. O.B. Fuller bought stock, soon to purchase bulls, March 2, 1912

El Paso Herald, March 2, 1912

Fears to take  his Cattle into Mexico.

Fuller Will Continue Farming on san Domingo Ranch, He Says.

O.B. Fuller, owner of the San Domingo ranch, left El Paso on horseback this morning for his ranch, which is about 20 miles west of Villa Ahumada, Mexico. Mr Fuller has gone to look over the condition in Mexico. He had recently brought from his ranch in Southern California two car loads of young blooded mares and nine car loads of blooded Durham cattle to stock the San Domingo ranch, but on account of the disturbances in Mexico, he is holding these at the local stockyards until further developments. The San Domingo covers 430, 000 acres of land, all of which Mr Fuller is having fenced. As 50,000 acres of the land is under irrigation, this section will be cross fenced off and put under cultivation. Mr. Fuller expects to continue the farming part of his ranch without paying any attention to the Mexican disturbances, but does not wish to risk taking the cattle there at present.

Chihuahua, quiet, is defended by only about 400 Rurales

by Phil McLaughlin

Chihuahua, Mexico, March 2. The situation is quiet, but there is feeling of uneasiness among the people.

Francisco Villa (Pancho Villa) with 500 men is somewhere along the North Western line out from San Andres and thus far has engaged no one. When Villa left here it was for the express purpose of locating Col. Antonio Jrojas and his army, but Rojas is now safely in Juarez. According to governor Gonzolas, Villa is loyal to the goverment.

It is currently reported that Villa will succeed Gen. Pasual Orozco as chief of arms of the state….

Khaki clothing barred.

For the purpose of distinguishing a rurale from a civilian, General Orosco has caused to be published a notice to the effect that until further notice those persons wearing khaki suits similar in looks to those worn by the rurales will be subject to arrest and fine.