Diary: John James Hollister Sr. January 1915


1/1 Chiseled for second time six-acre flat field. Clinton killed his first duck with his new shotgun.

1/3 Chiseled and planted home flat 11 acres 5 ½ to wheat and 5/12 barley.

Engine broke down. Telegraphed for sidehill plow.

1/5 Went to Santa barbara for Co meeting. Stayed at Jennie’s.

1/6 Returned from SB Bummed rest of day. Brin(brindle cow) had calf.

1/7 Worked on hencoops in morning. I did my own carpentry work on ranch—to Sasipuedes in afternoon regarding bulkeads on Santa Ynez river. Sidehill plow arrived. We were having trouble with river washing out banks. We put in about 40 000 in bulkeads. Lost about 40 acres all together.

1/8 Tried out new sidehill plow, ran few furrows but quit due to rain. Always start plowing at bottom of hill, follow contour lines; sidehill plow has reversable mould board.

1/9 Went for meat in morning. [In those days we had to go to budtchers in Lompoc or SB via horse and buggy. Sometime had meat brought in by train so we would go to San Augustine to get it.] Worked on Caterpillar tractor in aft. [These were first tractors invented.] Made by Holt, powered by gasoline. Ed plowing sidehill below railroad abt Bulito

1/10 Worked on engine half day this was Sunday, [but JJ had no holidays] Took walk with Clinton and Dot in afternoon. Clinton killed his first rabbit.\

1/13 Marciel, Mexican laborer, grubbing brush. [Important because it had never been cleared or cultivated before; this was virgin reclamation of land.]

1/15 Price of Beans 5 cents per pound

1/16 met train #10 sent turkey to Jenney

1/17 spent Sunday catching gophers & building chicken coops

1/23 On deal with SP railroad: could stop trains anytime, so stopped train and sent turkey to Ortegas at Arroyo Honda

1/28 Terrible storm from Southeast 2 82 rain

1/29 Built rabbit hutch for Clinty 3 .96″ rain in last 24 hours.

1/30 total of 5.58 for storm, clearing today. Rode from Bullito to S Augustine on railroad speeder (handcar) for meat.

1/31 cleaned water pipe at waterfall. Otherwise, no water.