Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook. May 1915

May 1915

5/7 Jennie and Clint came on noon train – bummed with folks.

5/8 Jennie and Clint went home

5/12 Went to Santa Barbara to co meeting; allowed $50 per month in expenses

5/16 Went to San Julian to a barbecue

5/19 Dot went to Santa Barbara

5/20 Dot returned on noon train

5/22 Bob left ranch for good.

5/23 Put 222 chicks in brooders

5/24 Went to Santa Barbara

5/26 Dot returned on noon train

5/27 took train out $10 000 life insurance with great rep co-binding grain

5/31 Finished binding 35-acre tract, began binding wheat—Harry came on noon train and took pictures.