Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook. June 1915

June 1915

6/3 Hauling hay

6/8 Went to Santa Barbara co meeting. Went to Winchester with Harry. Beans all up

6/11 Dot went to Santa Barbara for Jane

6/12 Dot returned with Jane

6/13 Hauling lumber for boarding house—a fire in the afternoon.

6/15  Met the carpenters and williamson and begain building the boarding house.

6/17 250 Chicks hatched

6/18 Went to Lompoc re river deflection—expense $5.50

6/21 Grasshoppers began to eat the beans

6/25 Fire at Jalama

6/27 Louis Ochoa arrived

6/30 Hoeing beans, working alfalfa and hay, Fired Fred.