Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook August 1915

8/2 Dot went to Santa Barbara.Dot returned with Joe

8/4 Went to Lompoc re dairy.

8/6  Went to Santa Barbara, company meeting. Came back on #17. Big fire at Gaviota pass.Finished working on separaterl started thrashing.

8/14 finished thrashing; total of 1, 821 sacks

8/16 Hauling sacks to warehouse.Alek Elfin on Job $40 per month.

8/20 to estate’ 33, 876 pounds. So Pacific Milling co 33, 775 pounds

8/27 cutting and piling beans

8/29 sunday Jennie, Clint, Nellie and Ed Vaile visited.

8/30 went to election as judge

8/31 Two plumbers arrived