MEXICO: For Ransom? Wealthy Angeleno is kidnapped by Bandits. September 22, 1915

For Ransom? Wealthy Angeleno is kidnapped by Bandits.LATimes
Sept 22, 1915

E.P. Fuller and his Ranch Foreman Held by Mexican “red Flaggers.”
Wife, Former San Francisco Girl, Rides All Night to Get Word to His Brothers in this City of Seizure of General Manager of Half-million-acre Santo Domingo Ranch—Authorities Appealed To.
Kidnaped and presumably held for ransom by a band of Mexican „red flaggers,“ the whereabouts of E.P. Fuller of this city, general manager and part owner of the great Santo Domingo Rancho, 120 miles from El Paso, and William McCabe of Santa Barbara, the ranch foreman, are a mystery. Mrs. Fuller, who was left alone upon the ranch when the brigands rode away with her captive husband, reached Villa Ahumada, a railroad station twenty miles away, yesterday morning, and telegraphed to his brother’s here.

The brothers, C. H. And O. B. Fuller, president and vice-president respectively of the Pioneer Truck Company of this city and members of the corporation owning the immense ranch, tried in vain during the day and last night to get in communication with their sister-in-law. They will leave no stone unturned in an effort to locate their brother and secure his release.

A dispatch from El Paso last night stated that troops were being rushed from Jarez by [Pancho] Villa officers to the protection of Mrs Fuller and to secure her husband’s release indicating that the bandits are not a part of Villa’s forces. The brigands are believed to be the Sanchz brothers’ gang who have been terrorizing Western Chihuahua and who have worked over to the Mexican Central line to obtain provisions and beef.

In answer to Mrs. Fuller’s appeal, troops are being sent north from Chihuahua on special trains. The troops from Juarez were sent by special request of American Consul Thomas D. Edwards and the Chihuahua at the request of Marian Fletcher, consul at Chihuahua.

Following the telegram received by the Fullers:

VILLA AHUMADA (Mex.) Sept 21.
Pearl (E. P. Fuller) and McCabe were taken by red flaggers yesterday. Have heard nothing from them.
No Americans here.
(Mrs. E. P. Fuller.)

Mrs. Fuller also telegraphed to friends in El Paso and reported seizure of her husband to the State Department in Washington.

E.P. Fuller, accompanied by his wife, went to the ranch about eighteen months ago to manage it. It is well stocked with cattle, and of late Mr. Fuller has been very busy in having them branded. His brothers say the property has brought large financial returns though Gen. [Pancho] Villa has charged them $10 per head for taking cattle across the boundary.

With slow means of transportation, it is believed Mrs Fuller probably rode throughout the night from the rancho to Villa Ahumada to get word as quickly as possible to her husband’s brothers. The road is not much traveled, and if she made the trip alone she must have endured a most trying experience. That she has no Americans to whom she can look for protection makes her plight the more hazardous, and her relatives have taken steps to send relief to her at the earliest possible moment.

The Fuller brothers have owned the Santo Domingo Rancho for several years, and have operated it with gret success notwithstanding the unsettled conditions in that country. The tract consists of 500,000 acres representing an investment of $600,000.

William McCabe, the foreman, is a well-known former resident of Santa Barbara. He has been in Mexico for a number of years and has had many narrow escapes from the brigands.

“We are hoping for the best, but will take no chances,” O. B. Fuller said last night. “We have communicated with the authorities in El Paso and in the East, and expect them to take immediate action.”

Early last week a letter was received from Mr. Fuller and, while he was optimistic over the situation in the State of Chihuahua, he intimated that trouble was to be expected at any time.

Mr. Fuller is 48 yers old and up to the time he departed for Mexico was engaged in business here with his brothers. He is well known by business men throughout Southern California. Mrs. Fuller is a former San Francisco girl and her parents now reside there.


Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook September 1915

September Laura arrived on #10.

9/3 All hands went to Salsipuedes; Laura, Dot, Joe, Clintie, Jane– bully time.

9/6  Sunday– spent day with family; went on fishing trip to Santa Anita—two trout.

9/7 Went to Arroyo Hondo re fence that Ortega wants.

9/12 Carpenters on blacksmith shop

9/13 Laura, Dot, Jane, and Clinton left for San Francisco, Carpenters went home for good

9/21 Thrashed beans

9/21 [Not in Diary:  William McCabe, E. P. Fuller kidnapped at Santo Domingo, Chihuahua, Mexico.]

9/27 Finished thrashing beans 26,547 pounds at $.30

9/30 Dot returned from Santa Barbara.