Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook October 1915

October 1915

10/4 Thrashed Kaffir corn

10/5 Thrashing beans at Winchester. Went to Santa Barbara, Co. meeting

10/8 Finished thrashing kaffir corn 30/1/2 sacks 120# per sack.

10/12 Cracked 11 sacks of barley for chickens.

10/13 went to Cojo Vijejo for horses. Picked out two grey colts.

10/15 met Harry, Alfred, Ed and Dabney for quail hunt

10/18 Hunters left

10/19 Went to Santa Barbara re dividend

10/21 Began breaking colts

10/23 Went to San Francisco to see the fair.

10/27 in San Francisco; spent the morning shopping. Went to automobiling with doctor and Len in afternoon left for home 9 pm

10/28 arrived San Augustine on #10 met Clinton on #21