Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook. February 1916

2/1 Worked on crossing at Las Agujea.

2/8 Grubbing brush for new road to Santa Anita.

2/9 Went to Santa Barbara for Company meeting

210 Home on #21

2/12 Set the mailbox

2/13 Planted blue gums around Manuel’s house by granary.

2/14 Ed came on 321. Also haluling lumber

2/15 Ed himself on the books.

2/18 Ed went home on #10. working on chicken coops, six to date.

2/19 83 12 dozen eggs to Hunts; 12 dozen eggs to Jane H. Retail prie 30cents per.

2/23 Left for Lompoc on #21. Looked over farm and dairy with Ellis.

2/24 Sampled diatomaceous earth deposit all day. Ellis Moore and Charles jacobs with me.

2/25 Left for home on train. Walked from San Augustin in the rain. Expenses $8.00