Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook. April 1916

4/3 went to sant abarbara for Company meeting. Took Jane to school

4/7  Worked on the grade and new road into railroad yards.

4/8 New caterpillar arrived.

4/9 Shipped old engine to Stockton

4/10 Ground barley for horses nd chickens Dick Ramsey cleaned the house.

4/14 Caught up colts and OB (Fuller???)

4/17 783 hens 48 roosters, 821 chicks.

4/18 Ed came on #21. To work on books

4/25 Haying. Dot went to Santa Barbara on 322

4/28 Dot returned.

4/30 Charley (Fuller??) and crew went to Gaviota to baseball game.