Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook. May 1916

5/2 Went to primary election at cojo

5/4 Hauling hay

4/6 Frances and kids on #21

5/7 Went to Los Olivos to barbecue. Rode to Gaviota and met Harry and APR.

5/8 Frances went home on #22

5/9 Went to Lompoc on #21 home on @22. Expenses $2.50. planting beans and Kaffir corn

5/10 Went to Las Cruces to meet Moore re taking over the ranch.

5/11 Went to Santa Barbara for Company meeting.

5/14 Dot went to Santa Barbara on #22 to meet the folks.

5/15 Went to Gaviota to meet Johnson Re contract for ranch

5/17 Dot, Lou, Laura and Dr. home on #17.

5/18 Bummed with the folks.

5/10 Dr., Lou, Laura and Clinton left this morning.

5/22 Went to Lompoc to see Ellis Moore. Returned on #22.

5/29 Finished hauling bundles.

5/31 Expenses account of Hollister Estate Co entered on books. Settled with Hunt and ECT and JHH.