Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook. June 1916

6/1 Two cases Hunt; 12 dozen JHH; 15 dozen ESC FAIR; 4 dozedn ECT; 6 cockerels to JHH; 6 to the fair; 48 cokerels to CP company.

6/5 Selected old hens for market

6/6 Went to Santa Barbara for company meeting.

6/7 Harry, Frances and self went to Santa Barbara to get Jane. Finished hauling hay.

6/8 Began binding wheat; cutting mustard.

6/10 Traded bulls

6/12 Clinty and self went to Las Cruces re renting ranch and to meet Moore. Expenses $6.00

6/13 1, 461 chicks on hand 75 sold and eaten.

6/14 Dot went to Santa barbara

6/16 Dot came home on #21

6/19 Ed came on #21 to work on books.

6/26 Began tramping out mustard and wheat.