Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook. August 1916

8/1 Threshing. Fan broke down and worked all night on new fan.

8/4 Finished threshing.

8/5 227 sacks of wheat , 457 sacks of barley– all in warehouse.

8/9 Worked on Canada del Agua crossing.

8/12 Dot planted honeysuckle.

8/13 Worked with Dot around the house, planting oak trees on rain guage hill

8/14 Working on road from El Agua to Santa Anita. Six horses.

8/16 Joe an self worked with chickens. Met Harry on #21 at Drake.

8/18 Harry went home on #10; Joe killed wildcat. Joe went home on #22.

8/20 kids and self pulled beans and sorted over chickens.

8/21 Went to Gaviota met Moore and went to Salsipuedes. Returned on #22. Dick shot fingers off.

8/22 Dot, kids and self went to Concepcion to see new cook, Pong.

8/23 Worked on spillways. Thundered. Counted old stock. 359 old hens 281 yearlings.

8/28 Went to gaviota to meet Moore and to bring back horse and saddle. Miss Brown went home.

8/29 Went to concepcion to primary election.

8/30 Planted pittosporums on bank by the kitchen. Began tramping out beans