Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook. September 1916

9/1: Began moving jacaranda. New cook arrived Gin left.

9/2 Finished planting jacaranda

9/5 Went to Santa barbara. Company meeting . Met harry Ellwood. Returned on #17 Kids and Charley Parker on coon hunt.

9/9 New cook, Pong, arrived on scene. Worked transplanting pittosporums on hill behind kitchen, choke cherries, etc.

9/12 went to Salispuedes in the afternoon.

9/13 Went to Las Cruces to see what’s doing. Threshing beans there.

9/15 Jane and self went to Gaviota re bridge for engine.

9/17 Dot and self went to Winchester to see Oscar and Harry. Returned on #21. Planted trees in afternoon. Oak tree by big faucet.

9/18 Transplanting trees around the house– cherymooilla, pine by the woodhouse, choke cherry.

9/19 Louis Ochoa arrived.

9/20 digging holes for Olive trees.

9/20 worked in vegtable garden9.24 Jane and self went to Las Cruces re bridge and water supply. Everything okay for the engine.

9/26 Dot and twins went to Santa Barbara

9/27 Met Dot and Clinton. Wired Shaw re C.

9/29 Went to Gaviota to receive engine. Took same to Las Cruces. Got wet coming home

9/30 2.36″ in last 24 hours