Diary: John James Hollister Sr, Daybook. December 1916

12/4 Planted poppies around rain gauge hill. A storm of 4.50″ in the last 48 hours

12/5 Went to Santa barbara, company meeting. Returned on #17. jane went to school.

12/7 Dot came on #21

12/8 Clinton and self went to Las Cruces.

12/11 Went to Gaviota are road and Johnson. Harrowing and ploughing.

12/14 Went to Santa Barbara to hear Len lecture

12/15 Dot and self home on #21.

12/17 Went to Las Cruces re pipelines through the bridge, Johnson, and road

12/17 Heavy frost. Went to Gaviota to start Johnson on road. Went to Las Cruces with Moore.

12/19 Dot ready for Clinton to go east and we go to Los Angeles.

12/20 Left on #10 for Lost Angeles. Avocadoes were planted.

12/22 Len arrived from San Diego. Clinton and Len go to the east on the Santa Fe, 1:20 pm. Arrived 2:40 pm

12/23 Jack, Dot and self left for home at 8:05 a.m. Stiff rain at Carpinteria.

12/24 Dot and self went to Santa Barbara on #22.

12/25 Spent Xmas with Jennie.

12/26 Jack Joe Jane Dot and self home on #21