Meltdown: CAL-L’s parent Company enjoined, June 6, 1966

Golden Circle Gospel Foundation Enjoined.
The Security Exchange Commission Fort Worth Regional Office announced June 6 (LR-3521) the entry of a Federal court order (USDC, Oklahoma City) permanently enjoining the offer and sale of bonds of the Golden Circle Gospel Foundation in violating the registration and anti-fraud provisions of the Federal securities laws.

Those so enjoined, in addition to the Foundation (a Texas corporation), were: Cal-L Exploration Coproration, A California corporation, Dewitt T Langford and Gerald T Langford of Austin Texas and Santa Barbara, California, Claybron Deering and D.B. Hoskins, both of Oklahoma City and Deering Associates Church finance Plan, INC, Western Fidelity Corporation, Oklahoma Fidelity Corporation and Fidelity Acceptance Corp.

Aftermath: Cal-L’s Dewitt T Langford kills a man, April 8, 1980

On the night of the shooting, Vera Lorene Tregoning and Patricia Stadtler were in the basement of Dewitt T Langford’s Shrewsbury Grayson County, Kentucky home–the poolroom. Vic Stadtler and Jim Tregoning were in upstairs seated around the kitchen with Dewitt T Langford and his associate, Terrell James Carmouche.
The women heard loud voices coming from upstairs then three gunshots, Vera followed Patricia upstairs.
“When I got upstairs, I looked into Mr (Dewitt) Langford’s eyes, then I saw the gun. Jim (Tregoning) took two steps back and fell down,” Mrs Tregoning testified.
She said that when she attempted to go to her husband, Langford stood between them and pulled a knife from his pocket.

“I started to go to Jim, and then he (Langford) motioned the knife at me,” she said.

Mrs. Tregoning said that Langford then went down the hall and began yelling at Stadter.

She also said that prior to the shooting, the women heard loud voices coming from upstairs.
On cross examination, Mrs Tregoning said her husband was going to loan $100,000 to Stadtler to purchase the L&M gas pipeline that was to be auctioned the following Monday.
She said she had been Tregoning’s wife for three years and his bookkeeper for nine. She said she had no knowledge of her husband’s lending money to Stadter before.
In her continuing testimony, Mrs Tregoning described her husband as a “mild-mannered, quiet and conserved man.”

–Daily News Bowling Green, Kentucky April 8, 1980

Meltdown, Mysterious Mr Brown tries to get lease from Langford. September 3, 1963

Morgan Holbert Brown did not actually have the lease when he negotiated with the pancake king Dahl. Brown, who tried to get a lease since the July meeting, finally got a drilling agreement September 3, 1963 from the California-L Exploration Company — Cal.-L — the company that was actually leasing from the Hollister Ranch. Brown was told that he had two months to start drilling, lest the sub-lease  expire.

Sixty days later, in the beginning of November 1963, the vice president of Cal-L, DeWitt Langford, reportedly tried to inform Brown the  drilling agreement was to expire.  Morgan Holbert Brown could not be located in Santa Barbara, so notice was mailed to Brown, care of the Royal Globe Oil Corporation; the letter was returned unopened. Two weeks later, when Brown was in Dallas trying to negotiate financing for the oil business in the offices of H. L. Hunt, John F Kennedy was assassinated.

Meltdown. The Mysterious Mr Brown was in Dallas when JFK was shot November 22, 1963

Eugene Hale Brading (also known as James Lee and Jim Braden) had developed a long criminal record when in California. He’d been arrested 35 times and was conficted for burglary, illegal bookmaking and embezzlement.

The day before John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Brading arrived in Dallas with a man named Morgan Holbert Brown. The two men stayed in Suite 301 of the Cabana Motel. In the afternoon before Brading went to visit the office of Haroldson L. Hunt, a Texas billionaire. It has been written that Jack Ruby was also at Hunt’s office that time.

Meltdown: Pancake king meets the mysterious Mr Brown. May, 1963

“John P. Dahl, president of Uncle John’s Restaurant, first met Morgan Holbert Brown in May of 1963 at a party. There they engaged in light conversation about Brown’s activities in the oil business. Brown invited Dahl and his wife to attend a polo match two weeks later as his guest. Brown hosted a luncheon beforehand at which several people were present. After lunch, all the guests went to the Browns’ box at the polo field. Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Mr. and Mrs.Dahl, and Mr. Ted Weiner went to dinner together after the match. During the course of this meal Brown discussed his current interest in the Hollister property near Gaviota and his intention to drill there under his present lease with Weiner, who was also in the oil business. Oil rigs were also discussed, and Brown indicated he had things ‘pretty well taken care of.'”