Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook. April 1915

April 1915

4/1 Dot returned with Jane

4/3 One case of eggs to Hunts’

4/5 Hauling posts out of mountains. Chaparral posts; contracted to have them out. (All fencing done with home grown pots in those days)/

4/6 Went to Santa Barbara to meeting. Attended to railroad matters

4/7 Spent morning at Winchester with Oscar and harry

4/8 Dot & Twins: Jane and Clinton in bed

4/10 Trainwreck. No meat. No eggs to town.

4/9 Stopped railroad work by wire. [SP’s Ahern would get obstreperous, do something in wrong manner, so JJ would telegraph hqs in SF to stop it.]

4/16 Went to Lompoc and back, ordered fence materials, gate latches etc.

4/18 Went to Santa Barbara to put jane in school.

4/20 Stuck a nail in my foot.

4/23 Set chickens to town

4/24 Cutting hay

4/28 Chipman and Chrisman arrived.

4/30 Millions of grasshoppers