Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook March 1910


3/1: Left Santa Barbara for Sacramento. Quit smoking

3/2 Saw Harry off to El Paso and saw Fuller about Santa Anita..

3/3  Left for San Francisco

3/16 In Sacramento with Dot and children, working on plans for the house at Bulito with [architect] Walter Danforth Bliss. Was sick for three days

3/17 Left for Santa Barbara

3/19 Arrived Santa Anita 8:30 pm Looking over a building site with Williamson.

3/21 Back to Santa Barbara. Rained hard all day. Stayed at Jennie’s, until March 27th. Held first meeting of Hollister Estate Company (HE co), and elected officers,.

3/28 Went to Lompoc. Picking up Ellie Moore at Naples

3/29 Went over Slasipuedes ranch with Ellis. Pretty ranch, with great possibilities.

3/30 Back to Santa Anita. Walking on over to Bulito. Met Williamson.

3/30 Back to Santa Anita. Walking on over to Bulito. Met Williamson.

3/31 Spent the day at Santa Anita with Fuller and Dynart, a butcher. Rode over the ranch.

MEXICO: Bud Parker, Ynez Castillo of Santo Domingo to compete at Cowboy Park, March 2, 1911

El Paso herald.

March 02, 1911,

Oklahoma ropers mean business

Oklahoma Ropers Mean Business. The Grand International Roplng contest will Commence Friday  at 2 P. M. ‘ The greatest bunch of cowboys that ever gathered in this part of the coun try to contest their skill with the lariat will meet at Cowboy Park this week. The large’ cash prizes which are given at this contest has brought the best ropers from all parts to this contest, among which are Harry Grammer of Kaw City, Okla., one of Oklahoma’s fastest men; also, the Gentry brothers! whrv vwn tho fammw hnrift horse “Necktie,” which they will use in this contest, together with, Blound and Bus-russsett of Oklahoma. These ropers are all fast men and will try hard to land the championship medal for Oklahoma, and it is a settled fact that the southern boys will have to deliver the goods in small packages if they keep the Oklahoma boys from taking the medal.-,

Arizona will be represented by Will and John Glenn of Douglas, Arizona, together with Ed Echols of Dragoon, Arizona. These ropers are all old time hands at the business and expect to represent Arizona in a way that Arizona will be proud of.

Mexico will be represented with the largest entry of Mexican ropers that have ever attended a contest here. Rafael Fraustro of Terrazas, Mexico, the Mexican champion steer tier, with Ynez Castillo of Santo Domingo, Mexico, and Catrino Herrera of Juarez, Mexlco, together with Bud Parker of Villa Ahumada, Mexico, a roper who ranks In the first class in any man’s country. Mexico promises a hard run for the honors.

Texas is represented by Alf Vivian and Tom ‘Ogle (Black Bull) of Pecos, together with Little Joe Gardner of Sierra Blanca, all old warriors at the business and all winners of many con tests. So Texas is very likely to h there when the roll is called. New Mexico will have nearly half the ropers entered In the contest, f amongst which are many of the best known and fastest ropers of the day. Clay McGonigall, the hero of many hard fought battles; Ed Hall, one of the holders of the world’s record of 21 seconds, together with Jim Hall, Ed Pridev Kelly Phillips, Elmer Green wood Geo. Weir, and with tle holder of the world’s championship medal, J. E. Weir of Monument, N. M. This contest no doubt will be one of the hard est fought of any that has ever been held in any roping ring at any time. There has been over 25 of the best well trained roping horses that ever cowboys put their leg over shipped ito this contest and horses that will show intelligence surpassed only by man. (Cars direct to the grounds.) The contest will commence at 2 p. m. Friday, March 3, at Cowboy Park, Juarez, Mex.