RANCH. Soon after her ex married her best friend, Amelia Davis married his. September 1952

I was first introduced indirectly to Jane Hollister Wheelwright when my cousin, Gerhard Danelius, Uncle Dan, married Neila Hollister [Amelia Davis] in September of 1952. I attended their wedding, which took place at Lake Tahoe, followed by a reception in Genoa, Nevada, at the home of Graham Hollister.

Neila had just recenty been divorced from Clinton Hollister and it had caused quite a stir in the Hollister family.
All this did not mean very much to me at the time, but later became part of my relationship with Jane. Clinton Hollister was Jane’s twin bother, and I came t know Jane’s nephews, Lincoln and Charlie, especialy Lincoln, with whom I spent a fair amount of time forty years ago.

I also met Clint

                                                        by chance

when he was on sabbatical for a year at Stanford some thirty years ago.

From: memorial article on Jane Hollister Wheelwright (1905-2004) By Thomas Kirsch

.The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal, 2005.