NEVADA: Graham Hollister Gets JFK job in Washington, February 1, 1961

Graham Hollister To Leave for Washington

Appointed a special assistant to the U.S. Secretary of the interrior Graham Hollister of Genoa this  week was making preparations to move to Washington D.C.  The Nevada ranch operator and Democratic political leader said today he must report for work in Washington on Feb 13, 1961.

This gives him little time to get his house in order in Nevada but he told newsmen today he would get the Job done. He will be accompanied to Washington by Mrs. Hollister and their younger daughter Amelia. His son-in-law John deRuntz who operates a ranch at Dayton will move to Genoa, Nevada and operate both and operate both ranches from the Hollister home.


Hollister said he had  been informed by Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall that his duties will involve straightening out  out land matters along the Colorado  River from the Hoover dam to the Mexican border  In recent years many settlers have onto lands along the  river which formerly were flood plains and the legal status of the land must be  decided. Hollister said problem promises to be large and difficult.

“This is a pretty nice honor for our state and for me and I am particularly appreciative ol what Gov. Grant Sawyer did in my belief.” Hollister said today.

“The appointment came from the  White House after Governor Sawer recommended me for the post and his efforts were most effective. Hollister said he was also appreciative of letters written by other Nevadans on his behalf.

“The appointment shows Nevada was recognized for the vote it came up in Kennedy’s favor,” Hollister said.

Hollister headed the Farmers for Kennedy and Johnson in the 1960 presidential election and he was Sawyer’s self-appointed campaign manager in the 1958 gubernatorial election campaign.

Reno Evening Gazette, Wednesday, February 1, 1961